Richard Court

Richard Court


    Labor Party wants local government to give brothels the red light

    11/10/2000 12:38 PM

    The State Government has revealed secret Labor Party plans to allow brothels to be established in communities throughout Western Australia.

    Premier Richard Court said he had received a section of the ALP’s law and order policy which stated that: ‘the Local Government Act will be amended to give councils and local residents the power to determine where brothels can be located’.

    “It is clear from this that when it comes to prostitution the Labor Party believes it should be open slather,” Mr Court said.

    “At a time when the State Government has introduced laws that have come down hard on streetwalkers, kerb crawlers and child prostitution - the Labor Party wants to pave the way for the spread of brothels in suburbs and towns across the State.

    “The Labor policy states that councils will have the power to determine where brothels can be located, not if they can be located in a community.

    “Are they saying councils and residents can make the choice of what suburban street or near which school a brothel can be located?”

    Mr Court said the ALP’s policy was not surprising given that, as early as 1995, Labor candidate John D’Orazio had said `this should be treated like any other business and zoned appropriately in your town planning schemes’.

    “This is yet further proof that the Labor Party puts pimps and prostitutes ahead of the needs of decent Western Australian families,” the Premier said.

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