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Murray Criddle


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Richard Court


    High-speed rail network to link Perth by end of 2005

    18/10/2000 11:34 AM

    A high-speed, efficient and modern metropolitan rail service, linking Mandurah in the southern suburbs to Clarkson in the northern suburbs, will be up and running by the end of 2005.

    Announcing the largest public transport project ever undertaken in Western Australia, Premier Richard Court said today that the State Government would invest $300 million from the successful sale of AlintaGas into the Perth Urban Rail Development Project.

    He said the railway will now arrive in Mandurah two years ahead of the original 2007 schedule, with a loop into the heart of the city of Rockingham.

    At the northern end of the line, the railway will be extended to Clarkson by September 2003.

    North to south, there will be 115 kms of continuous railway line across the metropolitan area.

    It’s expected that the rail service would carry more than 150,000 additional passengers each week.

    Mr Court said the investment of AlintaGas sale proceeds into the Perth Urban Rail Development Project was a responsible decision, and showed the Government’s commitment to creating new community assets from the sale of other assets.

    “The $1.1 billion project will help to build stronger communities along its route, by delivering to people an efficient, safe and modern rail transport system,” he said.

    “In addition to the $300 million into the rail system, a further $10 million will be spent on a comprehensive plan to boost security measures and safeguard rail passengers.”

    Tenders for the supply of 117 new state-of-the-art rail cars will be called for on the 4th of November this year.

    Expressions of Interest to provide the railway infrastructure will be called for on the 16th of December this year.

    South-West Metropolitan Railway
    As part of the South-West Metropolitan Railway, 69 kms of new railway line will be constructed and at least 10 new transit stations between Perth and Mandurah, including a loop line into Rockingham, will be built.

    Rail services will commence to Thomsons Lake in mid-2004; into Rockingham in mid-2005, and to Mandurah by the end of 2005.

    “The total cost of providing this efficient and modern rail transport system from Perth to Mandurah including Rockingham, will be more than $1 billion,” Mr Court said.

    “In total, the South-West Metropolitan Railway will extend over 82 kms linking thousands of people between Mandurah and the Perth central business district.”

    Northern Suburbs Transit System
    Extending the railway from Currambine to Clarkson will include four kms of new double track being laid, bridging the railway over Burns Beach Road, constructing a new transit station at Clarkson and building a new Greenwood station.

    Full rail services will be operational to Clarkson by September 2003.

    “The total cost of extending the rail line to Clarkson to service Perth’s rapidly growing northern suburbs will be $99 million,” Mr Court said.

    “The rail extension will be constructed in the centre of the Mitchell Freeway, running between Neerabup National Park and Kinross, and will allow people to travel from Clarkson to Perth in 30 minutes at peak times at speeds of 130 kms per hour.”

    Transport Minister Murray Criddle said the Perth Urban Rail Development Project would provide rail passengers with a transport system designed specifically for their needs, providing a fast, reliable and comfortable service.

    “Ten train stations will be strategically placed to ensure good connections with bus services and to provide an extensive choice of public transport options for people all over the Perth metropolitan area,” he said.

    “The railcars that will be used on the system will be modern and technologically-advanced, environmentally friendly, quiet and safe.

    “The new trains will be faster than the existing trains on the rail network, with a maximum speed of 130 kms an hour, making the trip from Mandurah to Perth in approximately 60 minutes.

    “During peak periods, trains from the South-West line will be arriving at Perth train station every five minutes giving passengers many choices about their travel times.

    “When the total project is complete in 2005, passengers will be able to travel on a world class urban rail network from Clarkson in the north to Mandurah in the south in 90 minutes.

    “Western Australia is a strong and growing State and Perth is a rapidly developing capital city.

    “A reliable and efficient rail transport system is vital to build stronger communities around the metropolitan area and to maintain the great lifestyle and environment we’re accustomed to.”

    Overall, the Perth Urban Rail Development Project will cost more than $1.1 billion and will be funded as follows:
    • $300 million from the sale of AlintaGas and an additional $10 million to improve rail security systems;
    • $398 million to be funded by way of an operating lease to the private sector for the supply and maintenance of railcars, including the necessary infrastructure; and -
    • the remaining $449 million to be funded through public borrowing. This amount may decrease should further opportunities for private funding be found viable through the expressions of interest and tender process.

    Media contact:
    Justine Whittome, Premier’s office, 9222 9475
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    Arabella Taylor, Department of Transport, 9216 8712
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