Richard Court

Richard Court


    Green light for rail extension to Clarkson: Premier

    18/10/2000 12:25 PM

    Premier Richard Court today announced that the northern suburbs rail line will be extended to Clarkson and a new train station would be built at Greenwood.

    Full services to both stations are expected to commence by September 2003.

    The four-kilometre new double track railway extension will be constructed in the middle of the extended Mitchell Freeway to end at the new Clarkson Transit Station north of Neerabup Road.

    The route runs between Neerabup National Park and Kinross.

    Mr Court said peak period travel time between Clarkson and Perth would be 30 minutes at a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

    It has been estimated that 12 new electric railcars will be required to service passenger demand generated by the new Clarkson and Greenwood Stations plus general growth on the existing network.

    The total cost of extending the rail line to Clarkson to service Perth’s rapidly growing northern suburbs will be $99 million.

    Mr Court said the expansion of the Northern Suburbs Transit System was an important element in the Perth Urban Rail Development Project, which included construction of the South West Metropolitan Railway to Mandurah.

    Under the project, the rail system will be extended to Mandurah by the end of 2005, creating a continuous passenger rail link from Clarkson to Mandurah, covering a distance of around 115 kilometres.

    It is anticipated that contracts for the extension to Clarkson and the Greenwood Station will be issued by the middle of 2001.

    Media contacts:
    Justine Whittome, Premier’s office, 9222 9475
    Arabella Taylor, Department of Transport, 9216 8712
    Dean Roberts, Main Roads, 9323 4638