Richard Court

Richard Court


    Graham Farmer Freeway makes city travel easier

    15/10/2000 7:00 AM

      Traffic flow around Perth has improved substantially since the opening of the Graham Farmer Freeway, with the number of vehicles travelling on some road networks cut by almost half.

      Premier Richard Court has today released figures which show significant falls on surrounding road networks since the freeway opened in April this year.

      “Not only has the Graham Farmer Freeway reduced travel times for motorists, it has eased the burden on a number of `arteries’ into and out of the city,” Mr Court said.

      “Monitoring by Main Roads has shown that an average of 65,000 vehicles per day are using the new freeway – although some initial figures recorded in the Northbridge Tunnel following the commissioning of the freeway were very high.

      “In that time there were two recordings of more than 100,000 vehicles per day and several days where volumes reached 80,000.”

      Mr Court said the effect of the freeway opening could clearly be seen in monitoring done on surrounding road networks:
      • Riverside Drive, down from 50,000 to an average 27,000 vehicles per day (vpd);
      • Adelaide Terrace, east of Plain Street, reduced from 24,200 vpd to 18,800;
      • Causeway Bridge down from 107,000 to an average 70,000 vpd;
      • Shepperton Road, westbound, from 18,000 to 14,000 vpd;
      • Mitchell Freeway, southbound, James Street off-ramp, down from 43,000 vpd to 32,000; and -
      • Mitchell Freeway, northbound, Charles Street off-ramp, reduced from 42,000 vpd to 33,000.

      “These figures back up what motorists in Perth now know – the Graham Farmer Freeway has been an outstanding success,” Mr Court said.

      “It must be galling for the Labor Party to see the public embrace the new freeway so enthusiastically since it opened in April this year," Mr Court said.

      "The ALP opposed this project every step of the way and wanted to deny the people a transport facility that is now proving to be a major benefit for commuters and businesses," he said.

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