Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    Government streamlines building disputes process

    18/10/2000 2:14 PM

    Legislation to increase the power and flexibility of the Builders’ Registration Board (BRB) dispute resolution process is progressing through State Parliament.

    Fair Trading Minister Doug Shave said the Building Legislation Amendment Bill 2000 had been passed by the Legislative Assembly and would now go to the Legislative Council.

    “The amendments are aimed at maintaining high building standards in Western Australia and strengthening BRB’s ability to deal with the failure, fraud or misconduct of builders,” Mr Shave said.

    “They demonstrate the Government’s commitment to enhancing building standards and to giving consumers access to a timely and effective building dispute resolution system.”

    Under the amendments the Building Disputes Committee will become a Tribunal and have more flexible powers to resolve disputes.

    “All participants in the building industry, including home owners, registered builders and building trade contractors will now have access to a more streamlined and effective dispute resolution system,” Mr Shave said.

    The amendments are based on recommendations of the Building Legislation Changes Implementation Panel that included representatives from the Housing Industry Association, the Master Builders’ Association, the Consumers’ Association of WA, the Builders’ Registration Board and the Ministry of Fair Trading.

    The Bill amends the Builders’ Registration Act 1939 and the Home Building Contracts Act 1991.

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