Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    Government moves quickly on fuel price report

    13/10/2000 5:30 AM

    Fair Trading Minister Doug Shave has moved quickly after yesterday’s release of the parliamentary inquiry into pricing of petroleum products and convened a committee to advise him on its recommendations.

    “I have convened the Prices Advisory Committee (PAC) to make a thorough examination of the report and its recommendations,” Mr Shave said.

    “When I established the parliamentary inquiry in March I had serious concerns about the marketing and pricing practices of multinational oil companies and their adverse impact on all Western Australians, especially people in regional areas.

    “Widespread community concern about chaotic changes in prices in the metropolitan area and price variations in regional centres has only increased since then.

    “The inquiry has consulted widely around the State and its report confirms many of my concerns. Its twenty recommendations cover a wide number of issues and suggestions to address them

    “I will be strongly supporting many of the recommendations but it’s not appropriate to detail them before Cabinet discusses the report.”

    The PAC will include industry, consumer and Fair Trading representatives and will be chaired by Mr Allen Tenger, a former director with the Ministry of Fair Trading who also advised the parliamentary inquiry into prices.

    Mr Peter Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of the Motor Trade Association, and a representative of the Royal Automobile Club, will also be members.

    “The first objective of the PAC will be to examine the report in detail and the ramifications of its recommendations,” Mr Shave said.

    “Cabinet will evaluate the report in detail and any legislation approved by Cabinet will then go to Parliament.”

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