Norman Moore

Norman Moore


    Gascoyne tourism attractions to be boosted by Government grants.

    3/10/2000 1:44 PM

      Four projects in the Gascoyne have been awarded grants from the State Government’s Tourism Development Fund to help boost tourism in the region.

      More than $63,000 will go towards the development of an interpretive centre, a National Park campsite and individual signage projects in the region.

      Tourism Minister Norman Moore said these projects would enhance the quality of experience for tourists and attract new visitors to the Gascoyne region.

      “The proposed Turtle Interpretive Centre will enhance each visitor's nature-based tourism experience, while the Kennedy Range National Park Pristine Campsite project will immerse campers in the wilderness, right where they are camping,” Mr Moore said.

      The Minister said the Turtle Interpretive Centre in Exmouth would get a State Government grant of $30,000.

      It would include construction of a viewing area to allow visitors to see turtles in their natural environment, specially during the laying and hatching seasons.

      "This facility will foster a more responsible interaction between turtles and visitors, and will form part of the nature-based, touch-tourism package initiative highlighted in Partnership 21, the tourism industry's new five-year plan," Mr Moore said.

      The Minister said providing a nature-based tourism experience would help visitors to remember their stay in Western Australia as a unique and unforgettable experience.

      The Kennedy Range National Park Pristine Campsite project in the Upper Gascoyne, which would receive a grant of almost $7000, would provide the traveller with quality campsite facilities at this popular National Park.

      "This project will both protect the pristine, natural environment from degradation and enable visitors to experience the wilderness directly from their campsite," Mr Moore said.

      The Minister also outlined details on signage projects within the region, which included Brand WA regional signage posted at the major entry points to the Gascoyne, as well as directional and interpretive signage for travellers in the Upper Gascoyne.

      The Minister said these partnership projects with local government would not only enhance visitor enjoyment and safety, but also attract extra tourism to the area’s new facilities and services.

      The Tourism Development Fund has become a cornerstone strategy for delivering a better experience to visitors travelling through WA.

      “The main purpose of these grants is to help fund valuable product and infrastructure that will enhance the quality and length of stay of visitors in WA,” Mr Moore said.

      “The majority of funds are allocated to projects which will generate visitor expenditure, as this expenditure drives an increased economic impact for the region through multiplier effects.”

      State Government grants provided through the Tourism Development Fund are matched dollar for dollar by local government and non-profit organisations to help promote tourism product and infrastructure.

      In this latest round of approved submissions, the Shire of Upper Gascoyne, Shire of Exmouth, Shire of Shark Bay and the Shire of Carnarvon are also partners in these developments.

      This year, more than $460,000 has been allocated to 20 key tourism projects throughout the State. Over the last four years, the Gascoyne Region has attracted more than $460,000 in grants from the fund.

      Media contacts:
      Hartley Joynt, Minister’s office, 9321 1444,
      Paula Turner, Tourism Development Manager - Gascoyne Western Australian Tourism Commission 9941 2406