Norman Moore

Norman Moore


    Federal Labor soft on gambling, says Minister

    10/10/2000 5:37 PM

    Racing and Gaming Minister Norman Moore said today he was very disappointed that the Federal Government’s moratorium on Internet gaming had failed.

    Western Australia had supported the moratorium because it believed it was in the best interests of all Australians for governments to try to find a common solution to a very difficult problem.

    “Western Australia does not have the same social consequences from gambling as other States because of the State Government’s consistent refusal to allow the spread of poker machines here,” Mr Moore said.

    “The decision in the Senate, led by the Labor Party, now puts Western Australia’s low levels of problem gambling at risk.

    “We have concerns over access to the Internet and the harm that can be done by casino-type Internet gaming where they can access your credit card.

    “We’ll now have to explore other ways of dealing with this problem.”

    Media Contact: Hartley Joynt, Minister’s office, 9321 1444