Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett


    Denham to get underground power

    25/10/2000 3:01 PM

    The historic town of Denham at Shark Bay is to get underground power along the ocean.

    Energy Minister Colin Barnett today formalised an agreement between the Shire of Shark Bay, Western Power and the State Government.

    Mr Barnett said undergrounding the powerlines would remove the visual clutter of wires from the ocean view which greets visitors entering the town.

    The project would see underground power in sections of Knight Terrace, Denham Road and Mainland Street.

    The project was being done under the Localised Enhancement Project Scheme, which was a part of the State Underground Power Program.

    The Shire of Shark Bay would contribute 50 per cent of the total $200,000 project cost, with the State Government and Western Power funding the rest.

    Mr Barnett said the Shire of Shark Bay was one of 12 local authorities to receive funding for Localised Enhancement Projects under Round Two of the State Underground Power Program.

    The Shark Bay area was listed as a World Heritage Area in 1991.

    “The Denham Foreshore Development Plan was produced by shire and State Government planning authorities to guide future development on the Denham waterfront,” the Minister said.

    “Undergrounding the powerlines is seen as an integral part of future planning.

    “When Round two of the program is completed, a total of $4 million will have been spent on 18 Localised Enhancement Projects beautifying the gateways to municipalities throughout Western Australia.

    “While underground power is expensive to install, it has a number of cost saving features including reducing maintenance costs.

    “It also reduces visual pollution.”

    Mr Barnett said work on undergrounding the power lines would start in February.

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