Kim Hames

Kim Hames


    Construction starts on $52 million Harvey Dam

    10/10/2000 10:30 AM

      Water Resources Minister Dr Kim Hames will today launch work on construction of the $52 million Harvey Dam.

      The dam is part of the $275 million Stirling-Harvey Redevelopment Scheme which will eventually supply water from Stirling Dam, east of Harvey, to the Perth metropolitan water scheme.

      Dr Hames said construction of the dam was the centrepiece of the three-year Stirling-Harvey Redevelopment Scheme.

      “It is a mammoth project, and once it is complete the Harvey Dam will supply 40 million kilolitres of water a year for local irrigators,” he said.

      “The dam will have six times the capacity of the existing Harvey Weir, and at full supply level the water will be 14m higher.”

      Work on the Harvey Dam will take place from October to May over the next two years - the summers of 2000-2001 and 2001-2002.

      “Leighton Contractors has been chosen to build the dam, and they will work closely with the Water Corporation, the designers GEO-ENG and landscape architects Peter Cala and Associates,” Dr Hames said.

      “The Stirling-Harvey Redevelopment Scheme is part of the State Government’s five-year $390 million program to restore water supplies in WA to a level of reliability and security not enjoyed for the past 25 years.

      “By the time the new dam and associated pipelines are completed, more than $500 million will have been spent in less than a decade to boost water supply capacity by 75 per cent and keep us ahead of the growth in WA’s population and economy.”

      The Harvey Dam will have a storage capacity of 60 million kilolitres, with a full supply level at 78m above sea level. It will have a 45m high rock-filled wall with an impervious clay core.

      The spillway will be about 30m wide and over 500m long, designed to handle a flow of 2,100 cubic metres per second (1 in 1,000,000 year flood).

      Dr Hames said that a 30m-wide environmental buffer would be retained around the entire reservoir basin, and extensive environmental monitoring would be carried out throughout the dam construction period.

      “As part of its approval process, a comprehensive environmental management system has been developed, in consultation with the local community, and strict environmental measures will be in place,” he said.

      “This project could not progress without the support and co-operation of the people of Harvey. Community input and consultation is an important part of the program.”

      Dr Hames also congratulated those involved in an Aboriginal training and employment program flowing from the $275 million Stirling-Harvey Redevelopment Scheme.

      He said about 30 Aboriginal people had already been involved in work associated with the scheme, including road construction, seed collection and spreading, fencing, tree planting and weed control, landscaping and nursery work.

      Media contacts:
      Sandy Gater, Minister’s office, 9424 7450
      Penny Walsh, Water Corporation, 9420 3057