Richard Court

Richard Court


    AlintaGas sale good news for the Goldfields: Premier

    18/10/2000 11:52 AM

    Two milestone projects on the Goldfields will receive a boost of State Government funding from the proceeds of the successful sale of AlintaGas.

    Premier Richard Court announced today that the State Government would direct an additional $6.9 million over three years to the Golden Pipelines Project.

    As well, the Government would boost its funding of the Australian Prospectors’ and Miners’ Hall of Fame by a further $500,000 to take its total contribution to $3 million.

    Mr Court said the State Government had responsibly allocated the proceeds from the sale of AlintaGas to projects that would help to build stronger communities around Western Australia.

    “The Golden Pipelines Project and the Australian Prospectors’ and Miners’ Hall of Fame are unique projects that have great historical significance for the Goldfields and will attract thousands of visitors each year,” he said.

    “The additional $6.9 million over three years for the Golden Pipelines Project brings to $8.2 million the State Government’s contribution to this $10 million initiative.

    “The project will ensure the conservation, management and interpretation of the original Goldfields water supply structures so present and future generations will be able to appreciate one of the most graphic stories in Western Australia’s history.”

    Mr Court said the Australian Prospectors’ and Miners’ Hall of Fame was well into construction and had received strong support from the State and Federal governments, as well as the private sector and mining companies.

    “The Hall of Fame is an outstanding project that will recognise the enormous contribution the prospecting and mining industries have made to Australia and to WA,” he said.

    “The facility will be a fully integrated educational and tourist complex, and will comprise a museum and mining heritage precinct, as well as a centre for research. It is expected to attract 100,000 visitors each year.

    “Both projects are very worthy of receiving some of the proceeds from the AlintaGas sale and we are delighted to be able to make that a reality today.”

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