Richard Court

Richard Court


    ABS statistics back up State's economic strength: Premier

    19/10/2000 2:35 PM

    Premier Richard Court has welcomed today’s release of statistics reinforcing the continuing strength of the Western Australian economy.

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released a snapshot of the State’s economy, showing Western Australia as the leading exporting state and reinforcing positive outcomes in key economic indicators.

    The ABS report states that:
    • unemployment continues to trend downward, while at the same time Western Australia’s labour force participation has been consistently higher than nationally;
    • profits from business are expected to increase into 2001; and -
    • exports rose by 17 per cent in 1999-2000, and have risen significantly in two of the last three financial years.

    Mr Court said WA’s continuing strength was a result of responsible financial management by the Coalition Government since 1993.

    “The good health of WA’s economy, and the community benefits we can deliver because of this, are the result of responsible planning by the Coalition Government,” he said.

    “Under Labor, we saw high unemployment levels, high levels of debt and a neglect of the key areas of health, education and law and order.

    “The Coalition Government stands on its record. We have restored the State’s triple A credit rating lost by Labor, and we are delivering in the areas important to the community.”

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