Kim Hames

Kim Hames


    Water Corporation delivers benefits to WA: Minister

    21/09/2000 7:00 PM

    Water Resources Minister Dr Kim Hames congratulated the Water Corporation on delivering tangible benefits to all Western Australians at the launch of its annual report tonight.

    “Projects such as the $275 million Stirling Harvey redevelopment scheme, incorporating a 106km pipeline and construction of a 60 million kilolitre dam at Harvey will secure Perth’s future water supply,” he said.

    “It is part of the State Government’s $400 million program to drought-proof Perth.”

    Dr Hames reiterated the Government’s stand not to privatise the Water Corporation.

    “It is a choice based on our commitment to provide the best service to all areas of our State, including those where it may be uneconomic to do so,” he said.

    “As a result of the last year’s operation, the Water Corporation has provided a net dividend to the State Government of $144 million.

    “These funds go to the Government to help meet other needs across the State, including the provision of schools and hospitals.

    “The Corporation is in a unique position to support development and bring new life to rural and remote areas of the State, such as with Stage 2 of the major Ord irrigation project and exploring possibilities of advanced desalination applications.

    “There is also cutting edge research into power generation using gas from wastewater treatment plants, reducing organics in water supplies and a composting process for biosolids.”

    Dr Hames said the Corporation committed almost $108 million to rural and regional areas of the State to cater for growth, improve water quality, establish secure supplies and upgrade wastewater treatment plants.

    “Places like Kondinin, Hyden, North Karlgarin and Bonnie Rock have secure water supplies as a result,” he said.

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