Paul Omodei

Paul Omodei


    Report on Stirling councillor released by Minister

    20/09/2000 12:14 PM

    Local Government Minister Paul Omodei today tabled in Parliament a report by the Department of Local Government following its inquiry into the conduct of Councillor Eoin Martin of the City of Stirling.

    Mr Omodei told Parliament that the report made five findings against Cr Martin in relation to his using his office of councillor to gain a personal benefit and mislead owners of other properties.

    The inquiry concerned matters associated with Lot 36 and Lot 67
    Gribble Road, Gwelup, Lot 78 Boulton Street, Dianella, Lot 2 Banksia Street, Joondanna, and Lot 62 Wanborough Close, Gwelup.

    The report also said that potential breaches of other legislation may have occurred.

    These concerned whether Cr Martin’s conduct in relation to matters affecting Lot 67 HN 6 Gribble Road constituted a criminal offence or offences and whether the City CEO failed to report matters concerning alleged corrupt, criminal or serious improper conduct by Cr Martin to the appropriate authority

    The findings against Cr Martin and other matters have been referred to the appropriate agency to determine what action should be taken.

    The report contained 14 recommendations for changes in the City of Stirling’s Code of Conduct and its operational procedures.

    The recommended changes to the Code of Conduct were designed to ensure that councillors with a financial or other personal interest in an agenda item would not have access to staff dealing with the matter and would not discuss the matter with other councillors before a council meeting dealing with the item.

    Mr Omodei said that the Department of Local Government had today written to the city requiring it to advise the Minister of the courses of action it proposed to take to give effect to the recommendations.

    He told Parliament that the City of Stirling had a well-deserved reputation for sound financial management, good administration and quality representation.

    It would do well to respond promptly to the report in order to maintain that reputation.

    Outside Parliament, Mr Omodei said that all local governments would do well to read this report in conjunction with the City of Cockburn report published earlier this year to ensure that their codes of conduct and administrative procedures adequately reflected their responsibilities in relation to matters of financial or personal interest.

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