Richard Court

Richard Court


    Premier takes delivery of new LPG car

    20/09/2000 10:30 AM

    The State Government is having ongoing discussions with vehicle manufacturers and the suppliers of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to develop a comprehensive incentive program to assist Western Australian motorists in making the switch to gas.

    Mr Court said sustained high prices for petrol meant that the Government and the private sector needed to work together to offer a more economical alternative in the form of gas - which does not attract a fuel excise.

    “We need to look at the issue from a number of directions - dedicated LPG vehicles, the cost of conversions and the price and availability of LPG,” he said.

    The Premier was commenting as he took delivery of a LPG-only Ford Falcon - which will become part of the Ministry of Housing’s vehicle fleet . The vehicle will be based at Busselton.

    “The Ministry will be taking delivery of a number of these dedicated LPG vehicles and their performance will be evaluated,” Mr Court said.

    “At the same time, across Government, we are reconsidering our fleet requirements with a view to increasing the use of LPG vehicles.”

    It is estimated that the initial additional cost of the LPG technology in the Ford Falcon ($798) can be recouped through fuel savings within the first year of average motoring.

    Mr Court said the lower emissions and savings in fuel costs were likely to be an attractive proposition for private motorists, as well as Government fleet operators.

    “For example, the Ministry of Housing has a passenger vehicle fleet of 176 cars and its fuel costs add up to $32,000 a month - or $180 per vehicle,” he said.

    “Gas suppliers are also telling us that the more LPG cars on our roads the cheaper the price and the greater the number of outlets.”

    The Premier said the Government’s efforts to develop a LPG incentive scheme had been assisted by the Federal Treasurer giving him a commitment that the Commonwealth Government would not impose an excise on LPG.

    “This allows us to move forward in the knowledge that any scheme we introduce will not be eroded at a later stage by the introduction of an excise,” he said.

    “In the meantime, we will continue to place pressure on the Federal Government to forego the next indexation of the fuel excise due in February and I am sure the issue of fuel prices will be a significant topic of discussion when all State and Territory leaders meet the Prime Minister in early November.”
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