Richard Court

Richard Court


    Premier puts safety first at this year's Royal Show

    22/09/2000 1:35 PM

    Premier Richard Court today launched two initiatives aimed at making a visit to this year’s Perth Royal Show even more enjoyable for families.

    Visiting Bambara Primary School in Padbury this afternoon, Mr Court launched the Constable Care Safe Show Brochure 2000 and the Constable Care Name Tag Campaign.

    The Premier said the brochure provided parents with sound advice on safety issues relating to a visit to the Royal Show, while the name tag campaign would minimise the time parents and children would be apart if they became separated within the show grounds.

    “Each day hundreds of children become separated from their parents while attending the Royal Show and this causes great distress for both parents and the children,” Mr Court said.

    “The implementation of practical measures to minimise these incidents is commendable and will no doubt be welcomed by parents and the Show organisers.”

    The Constable Care Safe Show Brochure contains information about safety issues and provides a map indicating where police and emergency facilities are located within the show grounds.

    The brochure has been produced by Constable Care - a Safer WA initiative - with assistance from the Juvenile Aid Group, the Police Service, the Western Suburbs Safer WA Committee and supported by the State’s business community.

    Mr Court said 100,000 brochures had been produced and would be available at the show grounds.

    He said parents could obtain a Constable Care Name Tag for each of their children at the entry points to the Royal Show, from any police officer at the show or from inside the Police Pavilion.

    50,000 name tags have been produced and the scheme works in co-operation with the Red Cross Lost Children and Parent Rest Centre.

    Mr Court said parents would be required to provide information about the child and themselves before attaching the name tag to the inside of their child’s collar.

    “If a child becomes separated from their parents, the information will help the Police in locating the parents as quickly as possible,” the Premier said.

    Special safety stops, designed as meeting places and strategically-placed around the show grounds, will also minimise the time parents and children are separated.

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