Minister urges WA students to enter coin competition [audio]

26/09/2000 11:00 AM

Talented young designers have a chance to see their work immortalised on a new 20c coin to be released as part of Centenary of Federation celebrations.

Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Rob Johnson said the Royal Australian Mint would issue a series of coins representative of each State and Territory next year.

The legal tender coins will be issued in collectors’ editions, as well as for general circulation.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for all Western Australian school students,” Mr Johnson said.

“The competition winner will receive a prize of $5,000 for his/her school and have his/her initials appear on the coin.

“As coins can stay in circulation for many years and are kept as collector pieces for hundreds of years, the winning student will certainly be assured of a place in history.”

Mr Johnson said each school participating in the competition would be asked to submit a maximum of three designs to the Royal Australian Mint for shortlisting.

The WA Centenary of Federation State Committee will then be asked to select five WA finalists.

Finally, the winning entry for each State and Territory will be selected by a panel of Federal Government Ministers.
“Imaginative designs that best capture the unique qualities of WA are being sought,” Mr Johnson said.

“The coin’s artistic merit, suitability for minting and the degree to which it commemorates our State’s place in the nation will also be important considerations.”

Although the competition is seeking students’ creative ideas, designs may symbolise well-known WA people and places and include historic events, natural features, native plants and animals, or a local landmark.

The competition closes on October 27. WA winners and runners-up will be announced on March 29, 2001.

Prizes of $1,000 may also be awarded for up to two schools in each State or Territory that submit runner-up designs.

For more information, call 1300 362 862 or visit the Royal Australian Mint’s website at

Media contact: Fran Hodge (08) 9215 4800

    Audio: “The coin competition is a unique opportunity - a chance for school students to create a lasting reminder to the Centenary of Federation” (160kb, 7 seconds)

    Audio: “The winning design will be immortalised on a 20c coin and kept in the wallets, pockets and coin collections of people throughout the nation. For the chosen student, and their school, it’s definitely a chance to be a part of history.” (285kb,
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