Norman Moore

Norman Moore


    Minister announces review of racing industry

    22/09/2000 8:45 AM

      Racing and Gaming Minister Norman Moore has announced a review of all aspects of the racing industry.

      The review is aimed at ensuring the viability and long-term future of the racing industry in Western Australia.

      Mr Moore said it would be in the nature of a public inquiry inviting submissions and consulting with a wide range of stakeholder groups.

      He was in the process of setting up an independent, four-member Racing Industry Review Committee to conduct the review.

      Once established, the committee would be asked to report its findings and conclusions as soon as practicable. He hoped this would be within 12 months.

      Mr Moore said he was responding to a great deal of discussion about the need for changes to the industry.

      “I hope the industry will recognise that it has a common future and that it needs to work together to secure that future,” Mr Moore said.

      “It is essential that the Government and industry determine strategies for the future and understand the contribution the racing industry makes to the Western Australian economy.”

      Mr Moore said there were a number of issues confronting the racing industry which would have a significant impact on its future.

      “The privatisation of the TABs in the Eastern States, technology, product delivery mechanisms and social trends all impact on the racing industry,” he said.

      “The future of bookmakers and their contribution, particularly in regard to the issue of their minimum bet limit for telephone bets, has to be addressed.

      “Inter and intra-code distribution of TAB profits, together with the contribution Government receives from the racing industry, are also critical issues.”

      Mr Moore said that as an interim measure, he was proceeding with amendments to the Totalisator Agency Board Betting Act 1960 in the current session of State Parliament to:
      • fix the annual distribution of the first $50 million of Totalisator Agency Board profits to the Western Australian Turf Club, the Western Australian Trotting Association and the Western Australian Greyhound Racing Authority in the ratio of: WATC, 55.26 per cent; WATA, 29.76 per cent, WAGRA, 14.98 per cent;
      • distribute the TAB profits in excess of $50 million in such a manner and subject to such conditions as the Minister directs; and -
      • prescribe the purposes for which monies paid by ministerial direction to thoroughbred, trotting and greyhound racing clubs may be used.

      Media contact: Hartley Joynt, Minister’s office, 9321 1444