Norman Moore

Norman Moore


    Minister: Labor announcement devastating for tourism, sport

    14/09/2000 5:43 PM

      Tourism Minister Norman Moore said he was appalled to hear that under a Labor Government there would be no dedicated convention/exhibition centre and no soccer/rugby stadium in Western Australia.

      Mr Moore said Labor Upper House Leader Tom Stephens had confirmed the State Government’s worst fears when he made this commitment in a speech in Parliament today.

      Mr Stephens had said that this would be Labor’s position if the contract had not been signed by the next election and if Labor won the election.

      Mr Moore said that the tourism industry and the sporting community should now have no doubt as to where Labor stood on this issue.

      He said that such a scenario would send shivers up the spine of the tourism industry which had campaigned for the convention/exhibition centre for over 10 years and had at last found a Government prepared to listen to its pleas and respond to its needs.

      Similarly, Perth Glory fans and other supporters of soccer and rugby who had been campaigning for a purpose-built soccer/rugby stadium for some time would be equally appalled at Labor’s attitude.

      “Under Labor, Western Australia would remain the only capital city in Australia without a dedicated convention/exhibition centre,” Mr Moore said.

      “We would lose an estimated $2.2 billion in economic impact for Western Australia over 10 years and it is likely we would lose 8 conventions which have already been tentatively booked into the new centre for 2003-2004.

      “These 8 conventions represent about 9550 delegates with an estimated economic impact of $33 million.”

      Mr Moore said that while the State Government was endeavouring to complete the contract with the Multiplex consortium by the end of this month, it was not totally out of the question that delays might occur.

      “If this happens, and Labor wins the election, there will be no convention/exhibition centre and there will be no soccer/rugby stadium,” Mr Moore said.

      Media contact: Hartley Joynt, Minister’s office 9321 1444