Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    Government unveils land blueprint for Broome's future

    22/09/2000 10:34 AM

    Lands Minister Doug Shave today launched the Waterbank Structure Plan, a blueprint for Broome’s future as one of the State's leading regional tourist destinations.

    “The plan includes relocating Broome airport and expanding tourist areas at Coconut Well and Willie Creek for accommodation ranging from campsites to resorts,” he said.

    The plan was developed by the Department of Land Administration (DOLA) in consultation with the Broome Shire Council, community groups and other Government agencies.

    Launching the Waterbank Structure Plan in Broome, Mr Shave said the Government saw the opportunity for long-term planning when it purchased the Waterbank Station lease in 1996. The station covers more than 315,000ha and extends almost 60km along the coast north of Broome and 80km east to Great Northern Highway.

    “Broome and the region’s unique culture and spectacular natural environment will attract increasing numbers of visitors,” Mr Shave said.

    “With tourist numbers growing at around six per cent annually, accommodation capacity will have to double every 12 years to meet demand.

    “The Government purchase of Waterbank created the chance to develop long-term plans for recreation, culture, heritage, tourism, conservation, primary production and other commercial activities which will benefit the people of Broome and the region.”

    The preferred new airport site, 12km east of the town on Broome Road, was agreed to by the airport owners and Broome Shire Council. It would cut aircraft numbers over built-up areas and enable larger aircraft to land.

    “Air access via Broome to the Kimberley is critical to tourism’s future,” Mr Shave said.

    Proposals in the Waterbank Structure Plan include:
    • a 433ha industrial zone on Broome Road, integrated with the new airport;
    • an extension to the water reserve to ensure future groundwater supply;
    • a services infrastructure area at the Broome Road/Broome-Cape Leveque Road intersection. Possible uses are a wastewater treatment plant, power station or sub-station, and rubbish disposal site;
    • future urban development north of Willie Creek and at Coconut Well, initially to cater for about 8,000 residents;
    • expansion of the horticultural and aquaculture industries;
    • areas for conservation and Aboriginal heritage and an area south of Coconut Well for a botanical park; and -
    • two areas for Aboriginal tenure, one of 16,000ha for living areas and traditional activities, the other of 35,000ha for youth training and development.

    Mr Shave said a committee would be established to oversee implementation of the plan. Co-ordinated by DOLA, it would be chaired by the Broome Shire President.

    Media contacts:
    John Clune (Minister’s office) 9213 6500
    Heather Hunt (DOLA) 9273 7472