Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    Government introduces Small Business Protection Bill

    14/09/2000 11:35 AM

    Increased protection for small business from unfair commercial practices is one aim of a “Green Bill” introduced into State Parliament today by Fair Trading Minister Doug Shave.

    “The Bill proposes introducing small business unconscionable conduct protection into the Fair Trading Act, similar to the current Commonwealth Trade Practices Act,” Mr Shave said.

    Western Australia is the first State or Territory to propose such protection in its Fair Trading Act.

    “The object of the Bill is to provide greater clarity for small business and to complement existing protection against misleading and deceptive conduct under the Fair Trading Act,” Mr Shave said.

    “It would also create commercial standards for transactions with small businesses.”

    The Small Business Unconscionable Conduct Bill is available for public comment for the next three months.

    “I want all interested parties to have the opportunity to comment on the proposed legislation so that it will be as effective as possible,” Mr Shave said.

    Introduction of protection for small business from unconscionable conduct would implement a recommendation of the Small Business Safeguards Reference Group, which was established by Mr Shave to inquire into small business protection in Western Australia.

    The Minister also tabled the Small Business Safeguards Report and said there would be a three month public consultation period on other recommendations of the report. A short discussion paper on the recommendations will be available.

    Copies of the Bill, Small Business Safeguards Report and discussion paper can be obtained from the Ministry of Fair Trading by phoning its publications line on 9282 0911 and it will also be available from its website at

    Media Contact: John Clune – 9213 6500