Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett


    Ten per cent pay rise for WA's education administrators

    22/08/2000 1:11 PM

    Government school principals and other education administrators will receive a 10 per cent pay rise over three years.

    In a deal announced today, Education Minister Colin Barnett said months of negotiations between the Education Department and associations representing the school administrators had resulted in agreement on the package.

    Mr Barnett said the package included pay increases of three per cent a year for two years and a four per cent rise in the third year.

    The package also included:
    • paid maternity leave of four weeks beginning in 2001 increasing to six weeks in 2002; and -
    • a review of the current classification structure and additional payment to school administrators.

    There was also a commitment to:
    • new funding of $3.5 million to address the management of students with serious behavioral problems;
    • funding of $1.2 million to help schools implement the GST;
    • a review of the workload associated with the introduction of the Curriculum Improvement Program; and -
    • a proposed program which should lead to all administrators with low cost access to notebook computers.

    The salary increase for the most senior principals would be about $9,000 taking them to an annual salary of $88,326.

    Mr Barnett said he believed the outcome of the negotiations provided fair recognition of the important role and contribution of school education administrators.

    “The quality of education in our schools usually reflects the quality of their leadership,” he said.

    “The package marks the beginning of a process of nurturing and strengthening school leadership which will ultimately benefit students.”

    Mr Barnett said the package was reflected in a similar offer currently being considered by the Australian Education Union on behalf of the State’s 19,000 Government school teachers.

    “I believe the offer, which contains a very substantial pay rise over three years, would be viewed very favourably by teachers,” he said.

    “If teachers accept this 10 per cent increase, they will have received wage increases totaling 31 per cent since 1996.

    “I hope any remaining, relatively minor issues, can be quickly resolved so teachers can receive their pay rises and access to increased benefits.”

    Mr Barnett said funding for difficult-to-staff schools, including financial incentives to teachers, would continue.

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