Kim Hames

Kim Hames


    New water supply scheme on line for Greenough

    1/08/2000 6:10 AM

    A new water supply scheme that will help pave the way for future growth in the Greenough Flats area was officially opened today by Water Resources Minister Dr Kim Hames.

    Dr Hames said the scheme was available to service 116 properties now, but this number was expected to reach about 250 with future development.

    He told residents, community representatives and officials at a function at the Greenough Hamlet that the scheme would improve residents’ lifestyle, as well as help the area to grow and prosper.

    “This scheme is the culmination of persistent efforts by the community over a number of years to achieve a secure, high quality scheme-water supply,” the Minister said.

    Dr Hames congratulated residents, the Shire of Greenough and the Member for Greenough, Mr Kevin Minson, on their determination to see the scheme become a reality.

    It had been made possible by the majority of property owners agreeing to contribute almost $5,000 each towards the overall cost of about $2 million.

    “This followed a satisfactory funding arrangement being arrived at in joint discussions between myself, Mr Minson and the Water Corporation,” Dr Hames said.

    “Mr Minson and his electorate office staff conducted a crucial survey that identified strong support for this arrangement.

    “It also depended on the Water Corporation augmenting the Geraldton water supply to enable it to cope with the additional demand.”

    Dr Hames said more than $1 million had been provided by the State Government under its Community Service Obligations arrangement which assists in the provision of water services to remote and rural Western Australians.

    The Greenough Flats scheme, completed on schedule within about five months, is an extension of the Geraldton scheme. It involved construction of a 22km pipeline connected to the main pipeline south of the Bootnall storage tank.

    Two spur lines have been constructed in elevated areas off the Brand Highway, and two booster pumping stations for these will be completed by the end of August. These will cater for a number of existing properties, as well as future sub-divisions proposed in the area.

    Dr Hames, who is also the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, said the Yamatji Land and Sea Council had been consulted about the project and had monitored construction work in the dune areas that were part of traditional Aboriginal trade routes.

    In opening the scheme he unveiled a plaque that will be attached to a commemorative drinking fountain outside the Hamlet tearooms.

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