Kim Hames

Kim Hames


    Minister addresses inaugural meeting of Cockburn Sound Management Council

    9/08/2000 10:49 AM

    Environmental management for Cockburn Sound took a major step forward today with the first meeting of the Cockburn Sound Management Council.

    Industry, community and Government representatives met to begin work to develop a legally backed environmental management plan for the Sound.

    Water Resources Minister Kim Hames addressed the inaugural council meeting.

    He said that it was the first time there had been such a co-ordinated approach to the Sound’s management.

    “Increasing pressures from industry and other land uses mean that good environmental management is critical to the future well being of Cockburn Sound,” Dr Hames said.

    “Co-operation and co-ordination are essential so we have consulted with key community, conservation, recreation, industry and local government groups to develop the role and structure for the Cockburn Sound Management Council.

    “The council is chaired by Notre Dame University Professor of Management George Kailis.

    “It will issue annual progress reports to a Ministerial Council and the community.”

    Dr Hames said one of the strengths of the council was that it would use existing legislative powers.

    “It is being set up under the Water and Rivers Commission Act and would derive most of its environmental protection from the Environmental Protection Act.

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