Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    Meeting claims wrong

    10/08/2000 7:02 PM

    It has been reported that I met with Fidge and Brailey on June 25 last year and that the meeting was attended by Walker, CEO of the Ministry of Fair Trading, and Bill Mitchell, Fair Trading Policy Officer.

    This is not true - Brailey and Fidge did not meet me on that date.

    On June 25, 1999, Walker was at a Medical Board meeting and Mitchell was at a university examination.

    My records show that on June 25, 1999, I met approximately 50 constituents because I was door-knocking most of that day.

    I met with Fidge and Brailey on April 29, 1999. Walker and Mitchell were at that meeting.

    The discrepancy of almost two months between the claimed date of the meeting and actual date is a serious error of fact.

    Allegations by Brailey on ABC radio that Counsel Assisting the Gunning Inquiry did not question me extensively in regard to the Fidge matter are untrue, as shown by transcripts of questions put to me.

    My former father-in-law did not visit my office until August 13, more than three months after the meeting with Fidge and Brailey.

    Following this meeting I asked Mitchell to provide what assistance he could to my former father-in-law. I have made similar requests to ministerial policy officers on hundreds of occasions when asked for assistance by constituents.

    The Australian newspaper and ABC radio talk back program this morning did not ask me or my office to comment on the accuracy of claims made about the meeting with Fidge and Brailey.

    Until the Gunning Inquiry has reported on this matter it would be inappropriate for me to comment further.

    Media contact: John Clune 9213 6500