Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett


    Law and order big priorities for spring sitting of State Parliament

    6/08/2000 10:00 AM

    Law and order issues will play a major part in the State Government’s legislative program for the Spring Session of State Parliament which opens this week.

    The Leader of the House in the Legislative Assembly, Colin Barnett, said today six new pieces of legislation covering crime would be introduced this session.

    He said the Government also hoped to see the passage of the Criminal Property Confiscation Bill which targets the “Mr Bigs” of the illicit drug trade, strip traffickers of their wealth and confiscate unexplained wealth from drug traffickers.

    Legislation which increases penalties for crimes against seniors and other serious matters was also expected to pass.

    “The six new pieces of legislation in the law and order area include broadening protection from criminal prosecution for householders who legitimately defend themselves against intruders,” Mr Barnett said.

    “Another piece of legislation aims to prevent offenders from taking legal action for injury sustained while committing an offence.

    “There are various amendments to the Criminal Code including targeting people who organise child sex tours outside the State.

    “Sentences of up to 20 years jail are provided for this.

    “The Criminal Investigation Bill includes DNA profiling of prisoners and there is legislation which provides statutory protection for undercover police officers in covert operations.”

    Mr Barnett said to address doctor shortages in rural and remote parts of the State, legislation would be introduced aimed at attracting suitably qualified overseas-trained doctors to Western Australia.

    He said the Contaminated Sites Bill identified and created a register of contaminated sites and provided systems to ensure the clean up of them.

    Mr Barnett said the 34th session of the 35th Parliament would be opened officially by Chief Justice David Malcolm.

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