Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson


    Final allocations for Centenary of Federation projects announced (metro)

    15/08/2000 2:43 PM

    Four major projects - including an exciting new attraction for King’s Park - have secured substantial funding from the State Government.

    Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Rob Johnson today announced the 24 successful recipients of the fifth and final funding round of the WA 2001 Community Centenary Project.

    The announcement takes to 201 the number of communities sharing in $3.5 million committed by the State Government to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Australia’s Federation.

    The major allocations are:
    • $390,000 towards the construction of an elevated walkway through the canopy of trees in King’s Park;
    • $200,000 toward the construction of the Centenary of Federation Southern Cross Cosmos Centre at Gingin;
    • $100,000 for a major festival in Albany featuring a range of Federation-related events; and -
    • $66,000 to restore three historic railway carriages, whose origins date back to the start of the Trans-Australian Railway.

    “These major projects, along with the many smaller allocations which have gone to communities right across the State, will ensure that the Centenary of Federation is widely celebrated,” Mr Johnson said.

    “The projects will enhance the lives of remote communities such as Gascoyne Junction and Laverton, as well as the regional centres of Albany and Carnarvon - and the heart of Perth itself.

    “Successful projects will culminate in 2001 and form lasting reminders of the Centenary of Federation as well as provide valuable facilities and attractions that will benefit the wider community.”

    Other projects funded under the fifth round include:
    • conservation works to the Carnarvon Pioneer Cemetery, including a path, gazebo and memorial wall ($25,000);
    • commemorative walkway and park, featuring a children’s playground, at Kukerin ($15,000);
    • the production of a book, featuring the history of the Laverton area ($15,000);
    • construction of a static display recounting the grain industry from early settlement to the present day at Mingenew ($17,500); and -
    • to preserve and display an historic bulldozer which was instrumental in forming the farmland around Kendenup and Mt Barker ($9,326).

    Mr Johnson said he was delighted that major ‘icon’ projects, such as the King’s Park walkway, and a large number of small projects had been funded in the final round of grants.

    Communities around the State have pledged a further $14.5 million to realise local Centenary of Federation projects.

    “The WA 2001 Community Centenary Project has its heart well and truly in the community and these grants are a reflection of that,” the Minister said.

    “Residents, local shires, community organisations, businesses and schools are all making valuable contributions to projects in their respective regions and many of these projects will be of lasting benefit to Australians well into the future.”

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