Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett


    Automatic reticulation for schools gets go ahead

    23/08/2000 9:11 AM

    More than 55 schools throughout the State will receive automatic watering systems in 2001.

    Education Minister Colin Barnett said today 57 schools would get the systems in stage four of the Automatic Irrigation Program.

    He said the five-year program would see up to 150 primary and secondary schools across the State receive automatic reticulation

    The Education Department would spend $4.1 million on stage four.

    “The change to automatic watering will save water and encourage students and staff to see the advantages of conservation,” Mr Barnett said.

    “In some cases the use of recycled effluent may be considered as an alternative to scheme and bore water.

    “Replacing the manual watering systems with automatic systems using ground water or recycled effluent will save our precious scheme water, provide a valuable lesson in caring for the environment and set an example for the community.

    “The advantages of the department’s $9.9 million program include a more efficient allocation of gardening resources, reduced injuries to gardeners, reduced workers’ compensation costs, savings in the cost of scheme water, and the promotion of water conservation.

    “Automatic irrigation systems will replace the existing above ground systems which incorporate surface pipes, sprinklers and hoses, and are extremely labour intensive when used to water large ovals and playing fields, particularly during summer.

    “Above ground systems can only be operated during daylight hours and on weekdays when school gardeners are at work.

    “These systems are time consuming, inefficient and labour intensive, and often interfere with school outdoor activities.”

    Mr Barnett said the new systems would, in the longer term, be connected to the department’s security monitoring system (where feasible) so plant failures could be remotely detected and prompt remedial action initiated.

    The average cost of installing automatic irrigation systems was expected to be about $65,000 for each primary school and $130,000 for each high school.

    Schools on the attached list would receive automatic irrigation during 2001 and include 37 metropolitan primary schools, eight country primary schools, six senior high schools, two district high schools, and four schools providing special education to children with disabilities.

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    List of schools to participate in stage four

    Carine Senior High School
    Churchlands Senior High School
    Collie Senior High School
    Cyril Jackson Senior Campus
    Derby District High School
    Forrestfield Senior High School
    Jurien District High School
    South Fremantle Senior High School
    Attadale Primary School
    Beachlands Primary School
    Belmay Primary School
    Bentley Primary School
    Blackmore Primary School
    Bluff Point Primary School
    Carine Primary School
    Cervantes Primary School
    City Beach Primary School
    Coolbellup Primary School
    Darlington Primary School
    East Greenwood Primary School
    East Kenwick Primary School
    East Maddington Primary School
    Eneabba Primary School
    Geraldton Primary School
    Gladys Newton School
    Glengarry Primary School
    Gooseberry Hill Primary School
    Greenmount Primary School
    Hainsworth Primary School
    Hampton Park Primary School
    Holland Street School
    Kalamunda Primary School
    Kapinara Primary School
    Kenwick Primary School
    Kinlock Primary School
    Koonawarra Primary School
    Maddington Primary School
    Melville Primary School
    Middle Swan Primary School
    Moora Primary School
    Mosman Park School for Deaf Children
    Nollamara Primary School
    Noranda Primary School
    Rangeway Primary School
    South Kensington School
    Southwell Primary School
    Spearwood Primary School
    Tranby Primary School
    Warnbro Primary School
    West Greenwood Primary School
    West Morley Primary School
    Westfield Primary School
    Wilson Primary School
    Wirrabirra Primary School
    Woodlands Primary School
    Yakamia Primary School
    Yokine Primary School