Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    National consumer day to focus on youth

    21/07/2000 1:50 PM

      National Consumer Day this year will concentrate on the information needs of young people.

      Fair Trading Minister Doug Shave said the Ministerial Council of Consumer Affairs (MCCA) annual conference in Perth today endorsed the theme of Youth as Consumers for National Consumer Day on November 24.

      The MCCA is made up of Fair Trading and Consumer Affairs Ministers from around Australia and New Zealand.

      “The Youth as Consumers Day this year will concentrate on people aged between 16 and 20,” Mr Shave said.

      “This is the age when many people make their first big choices as individuals. These include obtaining credit, learning to manage money, buying a car and renting a flat or unit.

      “We want to raise young people’s awareness of fair trading agencies as a valuable source of information and advice.”

      Access to that information could mean the difference between making informed decisions and decisions that could cost young people a lot of money and pain, Mr Shave said.

      Today’s MCCA conference agreed to set up a working party to develop strategies to ensure nationwide coverage of National Consumer Day.

      In Western Australia, information for youth is available on the Ministry for Fair Trading website: and on the Government website for youth:

      Media contact:
      John Clune, Minister’s Office 9213 6500
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