Paul Omodei

Paul Omodei


    Minister to visit shires in the Murchison.

    3/07/2000 3:48 PM

    Local Government Minister Paul Omodei will visit the Shires of Murchison, Upper Gascoyne and Shark Bay over the next three days.

    Mr Omodei will fly to Murchison on Tuesday afternoon and examine the museum before discussing local issues with the shire council.

    He will have dinner with the council at Wooleen station in the evening.

    On Wednesday morning, he will fly to Gascoyne Junction for inspections and a meeting and lunch with the shire council.

    In the afternoon he will fly to Denham and meet with the Shark Bay Shire Council.

    On Thursday morning in his capacity as Minister for Disability Services he will meet with the local area co-ordinator and then meet a family with a child with a disability.

    Mr Omodei will return to Perth on Thursday afternoon and then travel to Manjimup.

    Media contact: Hugh Ryan 9213 6700