Kim Hames

Kim Hames


    Joint ventures help solve country housing problems: Minister

    5/07/2000 3:30 PM

    Housing Minister Kim Hames said today joint ventures between the State Government and local government were a major way of achieving affordable housing options - particularly in the country.

    Dr Hames made the comments while opening units specially built for young singles by the Ministry of Housing in a joint venture with local groups and the Kondinin Shire Council.

    The Minister toured the facility today and praised the way in which country people tackled their problems - specifically their housing needs.

    “In common with many country towns, the problem was perceived, a potential solution worked out and then Government help was sought,” he said.

    In Hyden, Dr Hames opened four two bedroom units built by the Ministry of Housing for more than $400,000 to accommodate young singles.

    The Shire of Kondinin donated the land and site works worth $20,000 and the Hyden Young Singles Committee raised $40,000.

    “Some rural towns have been losing their population over the years, but the biggest problem they have is trying to hold on to their youth,” Dr Hames said.

    “There are many reasons why young families and teenagers are better off remaining in the country, but young people need their own space and privacy.”

    Hyden now has 10 singles units. Six were built five years ago under a joint venture between the Ministry of Housing Community Housing and the Lions Club.

    Media contacts:
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