Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson


    Government appoints new State Supply Commission Board

    14/07/2000 5:13 PM

    The State Government has appointed a new State Supply Commission Board to guide supply policy across the public sector.

    The new Commission further delivers on Services Minister Rob Johnson’s commitment to implement recommendations arising from the Review of the State Supply Commission Act announced on March 29 this year.

    “Substantial progress has been made to enhance accountability within Government purchasing and contracting service delivery to the community,” Mr Johnson said.

    “Since the Review, Government has released the draft Buying Local policy which places emphasis on small and regional Western Australian business and has broadened the State Tenders Committee role to ensure policy compliance across the public sector.

    “New guidelines for software contract management and internal audit have been developed. These guidelines will be released shortly, along with a new Process Review Panel delivering an independent, complaint handling service to agencies and suppliers.”

    Mr Johnson said the new Board complemented the package of improvements to Government contracting by using metropolitan, regional and government business expertise to provide innovation and added value to the community through Government buying.

    Jenni Ballantyne, a private sector CEO, will chair the Board.

    Other private sector members include engineering consultant Peter Stewart, transport director Vickie Petersen, from Geraldton, managing director Jim Coles, from Albany, and engineer Ian Maitland.

    Government CEOs include Paul Schapper from CAMS, Richard Muirhead from Commerce & Trade, Ian Hill from Training & Employment, and Cheryl Gwilliam, from the Supply Commission.

    Mr Johnson said the State Government expected the Commission to spearhead the promotion of best procurement practice in public sector agencies for the benefit of all Western Australians.

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