Kim Hames

Kim Hames


    George Kailis to head Cockburn Sound Management Council.

    4/07/2000 9:23 AM

    MG Kailis Group director George Kailis has been appointed chair of the new Cockburn Sound Management Council, Water Resources Minister Kim Hames announced today.

    Mr Kailis will lead the group of 26 on the council to oversee the future management and protection of Cockburn Sound.

    Dr Hames said Mr Kailis’s extensive experience in marine-related organisations would give a strong foundation for the new council.

    “The remaining appointments to the council will be completed over coming weeks,” the Minister said.

    “This is an important step in the future protection of what is the most intensively used marine embayment in the State.

    “The general public will be strongly represented on this council through conservation and recreational groups as well as three general community members.

    “Industry, local government, development agencies, State Government regulatory agencies, the CSIRO and the Commonwealth Defence Department will also be represented on the full council.”

    The Cockburn Sound Management Council is designed to ensure collaboration and co-ordination of environmental management and planning for the Sound. In particular, it will need to ensure environmental objectives, criteria and targets are met and report to Government, industry and the community.

    The council has been established under the Water and Rivers Commission Act and will derive most of its environment protection powers from the Environmental Protection Act.

    Thirteen members will form an executive council that will meet each month to deal with operational issues while the full council is expected to meet once per quarter to set strategic directions.

    The council will report to a Ministerial Council comprising the Ministers for Commerce and Trade, Resources Development, Environment, Planning, Transport and Water Resources.

    Dr Hames said the council would provide co-ordinated advice to Government on the environmental impacts of development proposals and would ensure that action was taken where appropriate against those causing environmental damage in the Sound.

    “While some aspects of water quality in Cockburn Sound are improving, it is vital that effective environmental planning and management of the Sound and its catchments occurs to continue this trend,” he said.

    “A key function of the new council is to develop an environmental management plan setting specific objectives and targets for protecting environmental quality in the Sound.”

    This plan will be developed concurrently with an Environmental Protection Policy to be prepared by the Environmental Protection Authority.

    The inaugural meeting of the Cockburn Sound Management Council is expected to be held in August.

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