Kim Hames

Kim Hames


    Formation of Plumbers Licensing Board completes water industry restructure

    10/07/2000 9:07 AM

    People will be able to contact the newly-established Plumbers Licensing Board directly to check if the plumber they are about to hire is qualified and currently licensed.

    Water Resources Minister Kim Hames said the board took over responsibility for the licensing of plumbers from the Water Corporation and other water service providers such as Aqwest.

    The establishment of the Plumbers Licensing Board completes the restructure of the Western Australian water industry, which required the separation of regulatory, service provision and resource management functions.

    “The key focus of the board is to ensure the use of suitably qualified plumbers and the maintenance of appropriate standards of quality, service and competency in order to provide the community with services of the highest quality,” Dr Hames said.

    “A public education campaign will promote awareness of the risks involved with both safety and insurance - in engaging unlicensed and unqualified ‘handymen’ to carry out plumbing work.”

    The board has the authority to issue, revoke or suspend plumbers’ licences and can investigate complaints of unsatisfactory work and take disciplinary action where appropriate.

    The Plumbers Licensing Board, which is composed of industry, consumer, regulatory and training representatives, commenced operations on June 19, 2000.

    Dr Hames said the board had a critical role to play in ensuring that the environment, public health and safety were protected from the impact of unsuitable plumbing systems.

    The board would provide advice to the Minister on all matters relating to the plumbing industry in WA and has the power to monitor the quality of service through inspections.

    The Plumbers Licensing Board operates from the Office of Water Regulation, 6th Floor, Governor Stirling Tower, 197 St George’s Terrace, and can be contacted on 9231 0100.

    Media contact: Fran Hodge 9215 4800