Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson


    Walpole wins Centenary funding - twice

    4/06/2000 7:00 AM

      The town of Walpole has secured funding for two Centenary of Federation projects.

      The Walpole Community Centre has won $16,800 for a commemorative garden and park, incorporating native plants and local stonework, which will enhance the existing Community Centre and promote the town’s development since Federation.

      Prisoners from the Walpole Work Camp will help in the development of the park as a part of their rehabilitation.

      The Walpole-Nornalup Tourism Association has also won funding of $15,550 to develop a circular walk trail meandering through the Karri Forest.

      Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Rob Johnson said the projects were two of 84 that had received funding from the State Government’s 2001 Community Centenary Project.

      They bring to 179 the number of Western Australian communities thus far who have been successfully funded to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Federation in 2001.

      The round four grants, totalling $1.2 million, form part of the $3.5 million committed by the State Government for community-based projects.

      “All of these projects are community initiatives which strive to improve community life and form enduring reminders of the Centenary of Federation, and as such are fully deserving of our support,” Mr Johnson said.

      Both regional and metropolitan communities were well represented in the fourth funding round, covering the State from Derby in the north, Walpole in the south and Kalgoorlie/Boulder in the east.

      A fifth and final round of grants totalling $1 million has opened and applications will be received until June 16.

      For more information about the WA 2001: Community Centenary Project, write to the Centenary of Federation State Committee at the Constitutional Centre of WA, Havelock St, West Perth, 6872, or phone 1800 653 357.

      Media contact: Fran Hodge (08) 9481 3244