Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    Pastoral Lands Board appointments

    12/06/2000 9:57 AM

    Lands Minister Doug Shave has appointed members to the Pastoral Lands Board for terms ranging from one to three years.

    “The variation in terms will help sustain continuity for the board in carrying out work,” Mr Shave said.

    The board consists of a chairperson, three industry members, one conservation and one Aboriginal member and their deputies, the chief executive officers of Agriculture Western Australia and the Department of Land Administration (DOLA).

    Industry members and deputies on the board must hold, or have held, an interest in a pastoral lease or be, or have been, shareholders in a company with a beneficial interest in a pastoral lease.

    The board conservation member must have expertise in flora, fauna or land conservation management and the Aboriginal member must have experience in pastoral leases. Deputies must also be qualified in these areas.

    Members of the new board, effective from May 1, 2000, are:

    • Mr Max Cameron
    • Mr Joe de Pledge
    industry memberdeputy Mr Tim D’Arcy
    • Mr David Fitzgerald
    industry memberdeputy Mrs Margot Steadman
    • Mr David Halleen
    industry memberdeputy Mrs Jano Foulkes-Taylor
    • Mr David Wilcox
    conservation memberdeputy Ms Denise True
    • Mr Kevin Walley
    Aboriginal memberdeputy Mr Lindsay Lockyer
    • Dr Graeme Robertson
    Agriculture WA
    • Mr Allan Skinner

    Board responsibilities include the provision of general and policy advice to the Minister on the administration of pastoral leases in WA and ensuring they are managed on an ecologically sustainable basis.

    The 511 pastoral stations in WA leased by the State Government cover approximately 38 per cent of the State’s landmass.

    Media contact John Clune (Minister’s Office) 9213 6500