Paul Omodei

Paul Omodei


    New cemetery named Rockingham Regional Memorial Park

    21/06/2000 9:06 AM

    The new Rockingham Regional Memorial Park is expected to take over from the East Rockingham Cemetery early in 2005.

    Local Government Minister Paul Omodei revealed the name and timetable for the new cemetery, located on 60ha in Baldivis, when inspecting the site and meeting the Rockingham City Council this morning.

    The new cemetery will be administered by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board which is already working on landscaping and infrastructure plans at the site.

    Mr Omodei said the board and the Rockingham City Council had worked closely on preparations for the new site and on extending the life of the East Rockingham Cemetery which is administered by the Council.

    In 1992, the board had bought land adjoining the cemetery in order to extend its capacity.

    When the cemetery closed in 2005, the board would assume control of it and carry out maintenance in order to ensure that it was available for burials within family graves there.

    The new site for the Rockingham Regional Memorial Park had been reserved by the Government, in liaison with the city, in the early 1980’s.

    The board had adopted an innovative approach to generating revenue for landscaping and infrastructure costs by selling sand from the site. This process, which started in 1994, was expected to continue until 2008.

    Mr Omodei said the Government was having difficulty locating sites in the metropolitan region for new cemeteries such as the Rockingham Regional Memorial Park.

    Karrakatta still had a few years left at current rates of use and Fremantle had a long future, but Midland and Guildford had encountered environmental difficulties and there was a possibility that Bush Plan would inhibit the full use of Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park.

    Pinnaroo was an outstanding example of sensitively managed bush and cemetery land, but the extent of its long-term use was still under consideration.

    It was proving difficult to locate other sites in the south-east and eastern corridors.

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