Kim Hames

Kim Hames


    $2.5 million for Dunsborough water supply upgrade

    28/06/2000 9:29 AM

    Dunsborough’s water supply will get a major boost in 2000-2001 with more than $2.5 million earmarked to upgrade the system.

    Water Resources Minister Dr Kim Hames said today that the increased supply would meet continued strong growth in the area, including development projects on the Cape Naturaliste peninsula.

    “The upgrade will be complete in time for the summer tourist season and it is the final phase of a $10 million overall project to establish water infrastructure for one of Australia’s fastest growing areas,” Dr Hames said.

    “Ten kilometres of new pipeline has already been established and a 2,500-kilolitre tank provided at the Quindalup groundwater treatment plant.

    “The plant’s treatment process is being upgraded and the latest computerised remote control and monitoring equipment is being installed for the supply scheme.”

    Dr Hames said the work in 2000-2001 involved drilling and equipping three new bores south of the town’s borefield and replacing an existing bore. The new bores would be up to 350m deeper than existing ones. Existing bores would also be upgraded to improve their output.

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