Paul Omodei

Paul Omodei


    Minister visits Karratha on local government, Disability Services business

    17/05/2000 10:50 AM

    Local Government Minister Paul Omodei will meet with the Roebourne Shire Council in Karratha this evening.

    Mr Omodei will fly to Karratha at noon today and visit Cleaverville Beach in the afternoon before meeting the council at 6.30pm.

    Tomorrow, in his capacity as Minister for Disability Services, he will visit Samson to inspect work in progress as Pilbara Homecare’s ‘Beachstay’ project.

    The Minister will then visit Wickham school to discuss matters affecting children with disabilities.

    He will lunch with local families and community agencies involved in disability services at the Tambrey Centre, and afterwards will meet with the Pilbara Individual and Family Support Association.

    Mr Omodei will be accompanied throughout Thursday’s meetings by the CEO of the Disability Services Commission, Dr Ruth Shean, and the director of Country Services, Dr Ron Chalmers.

    The Minister will return to Perth on Thursday evening.

    Media contact: Hugh Ryan 9213 6700