Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson


Messages for the Future a once-in-a-century opportunity (audio)

26/05/2000 9:56 AM

School students have an historic opportunity to reach out to Western Australians living 100 years from now as part of the Messages for the Future project.

Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Rob Johnson said a kit containing information about Messages for the Future would be sent to schools throughout the State over the next few days.

The project encourages all Western Australians to visit the MillenniumWEST website and leave a message to the people of the year 2100.

“These electronic messages will be downloaded, stored on compact discs and microfilm and encased in a time capsule which will be displayed in the Swan Bells at Barrack Square,” Mr Johnson said.

“The messages could include all sorts of information. Students may want to leave a message for their children - or grandchildren. They may want to make a prediction about what life will be like in 100 years’ time or reflect on life in the 21st century.

“The capsule will be opened in 2100 and family members and members of the public will be able to access messages left 100 years earlier.”

Mr Johnson said Messages for the Future - which are being sought from all members of the public - would be accepted until December 1, 2000.

A master copy will also be stored in the Battye Library.

For more information, or to leave a Message for the Future, visit the website at
People who do not have access to the Internet can submit a message in writing to the Office of Citizenship and Multicultural Interests at 2nd floor, 81 St George’s Tce, Perth, 6000.

Media contact: Fran Hodge (08) 9481 3244

“I’m sure most West Australians would jump at the chance to leave a message for their grandchildren or great grandchildren. I have no doubt also that West Australians of the 22nd century will delight in reading the thoughts, predictions and aspirations of their forebears.” (15.25 seconds)