Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson


    Draft buying policy targets local and regional businesses

    25/05/2000 12:36 PM

    A new draft policy that aims to give regional and local businesses more Government supply and procurement work will be released for public comment today.

    The draft Buying Local policy aims to maximise the use of local industries in Government buying.

    Works and Services Minister Rob Johnson said the policy brought together the current Regional Buying Compact, the Supporting Local Industry policies and other State Government initiatives that support local suppliers.

    Mr Johnson said the Western Australian Government purchased goods and services worth $4.6 billion each year and it was important to ensure local access to this market.

    He said the draft Buying Local policy included the application of regional price and content preferences to regionally-sourced goods and services and a policy commitment from State Government CEOs to ensure compliance across Government agencies.

    Other key elements of the draft policy include:
    • maintenance of existing preference measures to reduce imported content and to maximise regional opportunities;
    • the requirement for an explanation when a local business is not selected;
    • sourcing local industry capability and encouraging the use of the Industrial Supplies Office WA, Regional Development Commissions, Contract and Management Services and other industry associations to pinpoint local businesses; and -
    • education and training seminars for buyers and sellers so that they are aware of the scheme.

    Mr Johnson will travel throughout WA next month to meet with regional business owners and urge them to comment on the draft document.

    “What we are aiming for is a policy initiative that maximises the contribution of local businesses to the WA economy,” he said.

    “For Government agencies, the key benefits of the Buying Local policy are expected to be in the recognition of WA industry and regional development, making purchasing decisions on best value for money considerations and fostering competition by giving full, fair and reasonable opportunity for local suppliers.

    “The Buying Local policy envisions a future scenario where local businesses will employ local people to create new skills and generate economic growth while servicing State Government requirements.

    “A logical progression of that is the creation of more employment opportunities in regional WA.”

    The draft policy is now available from the State Supply Commission by phoning (08) 9222 5700 or toll free 1800 806 599. A copy of the draft policy can also be downloaded from the State Supply Commission’s website at

    Feedback on the draft policy should be provided in writing and supplied to the State Supply Commission before July 14.

    Media contact: Fran Hodge on 9481 3244