Paul Omodei

Paul Omodei


    Councils asked to act on barking dogs

    23/05/2000 6:00 AM

    Local Government Minister Paul Omodei has reminded local governments that they have the responsibility and the power to do something about the noise nuisance created by barking dogs.

    The Minister has sent a circular to all councils reminding them that under Section 38 of the Dog Act it is an offence for a dog to create a nuisance by excessive and persistent barking.

    He said that while it may be difficult to obtain the evidence necessary to support a court action, local governments should still endeavour to have the problem resolved by investigating and taking appropriate action.

    Councils could act on a single complaint and did not have to wait for a complaint signed by three people.

    The increasing density of urban development added to the potential for the nuisance of persistent barking.

    “I remind local governments of their obligation to pursue resolutions to barking dog complaints and I urge them to take a more active role in dealing with this problem,” Mr Omodei said.

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