Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson


    Taking care of business: the WA Government adds to its online arsenal

    16/04/2000 10:00 AM

    A new Internet service launched today is set to transform the way Western Australians do business with Government.

    Works and Services Minister Rob Johnson said Electronic Tender Lodgement (ETL) was a significant new addition to the expanding range of online services being developed to make life easier for all Western Australians.

    Mr Johnson said ETL would save businesses time and money by allowing them to lodge tender applications via the Internet.

    “At the heart of the ETL service is a security system that we believe is as safe as can be made possible using the most sophisticated technology available,” he said.

    “Tender responses are encrypted and lodged via secure transmission, delivering a level of security superior to the existing hard copy system.

    “We believe the framework we have put in place is world’s best practice. This includes the management regimes of the service and its software security aspect, which will continue to be modified and upgraded as software capability improves.”

    Electronic tender lodgement is the ‘missing link’ for businesses that wish to complete all their tender documentation online.

    It is the latest enhancement to the Government’s Contracting Information Bulletin Board, created and managed by Contract and Management Services.

    The bulletin board has been operating since March last year and now has more than 15,000 registered users.

    The process is remarkably simple. After accessing the bulletin board and downloading specifications and drawings, contractors can track and research relevant similar tenders before preparing their own response.

    Electronic Tender Lodgement completes the service by allowing suppliers to lodge their tenders electronically with just a few keystrokes.

    ETL went ‘live’ on Friday, April 14, after extensive tests by Contract and Management Services and will be piloted for one month before the facility is rolled out to other Government agencies.

    Michael Coles, of the Small Business Procurement Advisory Council, welcomed the advent of ETL.

    “The cost and effort involved in responding to tenders is considerable but CAMS’ Government Contracting Information Bulletin Board has lowered that cost,” Mr Coles said.

    “With the addition of ETL, we will see benefits in the ‘lodgement’ stage of the tender process.

    “ETL will allow more time to prepare the response, remove some clerical tasks and importantly, provide a confirmation that the tender response was received before the deadline.”

    Mr Johnson said a whole range of Internet services were being developed under the banner of Online WA and a major announcement on their progress would be made in the next few months.

    “After the WA Government approved a further $3.7 million to progress the Online WA approach in November last year, things have moved fast, with a broad range of valuable new services coming on-stream,” he said.

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