Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    Online land transactions will end paper trail: Minister

    23/03/2000 1:05 AM

    Online land transactions will eventually replace paperwork under a five-year strategic plan for the Department of Land Administration.

    At the launch in Perth this morning of DOLA’s 2000 to 2005 strategy, Lands Minister Doug Shave said online services were a growth area for the land information agency.

    “Technology is paving the way for fully electronic land transactions,” Mr Shave said.

    “This is going to end the paper trail between banks, solicitors, conveyancers and Government agencies.

    “Land title and related transactions add up to around $14 billion a year and security of land tenure underpins much of capital investment. Because of this it’s vital that we maintain a very high level of confidence in our land administration system.

    “DOLA has always been keen to grasp opportunities offered by new technology.

    “DOLA is already breaking ground with online technology in projects such as ‘Firewatch’ which uses satellite imagery to pinpoint bushfires across the State, and to produce information rich maps and geodetic data.”

    Mr Shave said people using DOLA’s services would see significant changes in the next five years.

    “The five-year plan takes into account rapid technology developments that are transforming the way in which the Government and private sector do business,” the Minister said.

    “Online services will be an even higher priority for DOLA as systems are put in place that anticipate the emerging needs of DOLA customers.”

    DOLA also aimed to reduce its reliance on Government funding while providing expert advice and information to contribute to the development of the State.

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