Cheryl Edwardes

Cheryl Edwardes


    Millennium Kids issue environment challenges

    12/03/2000 10:00 AM

    Environment Minister Cheryl Edwardes today accepted a series of challenges from a Western Australian environmental youth group called the 'Millennium Kids'.

    Mrs Edwardes said she was impressed with the energy and the ideas of the young Perth students, who had developed concepts for improving the environment after attending a national environmental youth conference held at Fairbridge Farm last October.

    “These young people have been able to organise themselves into a formal group and have shown leadership and foresight on a range on environmental issues and I’m delighted with the level of debate they have been able to stimulate,”
    Mrs Edwardes said.

    Mrs Edwardes said four of the ‘Millennium Kids’ had been invited to attend the 2000 UN Children’s Environment Conference at Eastbourne in the UK in May.

    “These young people are setting a benchmark for other young Western Australians and I would like to see as many as possible become involved in actively promoting care of the environment,” she said.

    “These young people have set this Government a list of challenges that cover a range of issues including wetland protection, waste management and minimisation, bio-diversity, and climate protection.

    “I’m only too happy to accept that challenge.

    “The ‘Millennium Kids’ have shown a genuine understanding of major environmental issues affecting Western Australians, plus profound commitment and leadership ability with respect to environmental management,” she said.

    Mrs Edwardes said she would table the challenges in Parliament on behalf of the ‘Millennium Kids’.

    “Tabling the document in Parliament will mean members can take the challenges back to their constituencies and promote them locally.”

    Mrs Edwardes said she was delighted to see that four of the ‘Millennium Kids’ would attend the United Nations conference in the UK.

    The purpose of the conference was to develop environmental leadership among youth, and to expose young people to a wide variety of global environmental issues.

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