Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    Government to review options for Broome resort

    16/03/2000 11:42 AM

    The State Government will review options for the development of an integrated tourism resort at Broome’s Gantheaume Point.

    Lands Minister Doug Shave said this when announcing that the preferred developer, Pearl Bay Resort Developments, had not met a condition of the memorandum of understanding for the project.

    “A key requirement was the provision of a $10 million performance bond,” Mr Shave said.

    “Since the memorandum was signed last August there have been extensive negotiations between Pearl Bay and LandCorp on this issue.

    “Pearl Bay has not met the bond requirement and I have advised the company that I have withdrawn its preferred developer status.

    “I have not taken this decision lightly. However, the performance bond was a key condition and ample time has been given for it to be met.”

    Mr Shave said it was also important for the Broome community that the uncertainty over the status of the proposal be ended.

    “I want to thank community stakeholders who have given their views on the proposal,” he said.

    “I want to assure the people of Broome that any review of development options will take their views into account.”

    The Minister said that throughout this process the Government had made it clear that it was committed to ensuring maximum community consultation.

    “Extensive community consultation was another key criteria in the preferred developer selection process and will be in all future planning,” he said.

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