Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    Gunning inquiry to examine eight boards and committees

    8/02/2000 2:33 PM

    Retired District Court Judge Ivan Gunning will chair an inquiry into eight boards and committees encompassed under the Fair Trading portfolio.

    Fair Trading Minister Doug Shave announced the Gunning inquiry today.

    Mr Shave also appointed insolvency expert Dr Diana Newman and former Commissioner of Public Sector Standards Mr Digby Blight, to assist Judge Gunning.

    The inquiry will review and recommend on the requirement for, and the structure and functions of the following boards and committees under the portfolio of the Minister for Fair Trading:
    • Building Disputes Committee;
    • Builders’ Registration Board;
    • Finance Brokers Supervisory Board;
    • Land Valuers Licensing Board;
    • Motor Vehicle Dealers Licensing Board;
    • Painters’ Registration Board;
    • Real Estate and Business Agents Supervisory Board; and -
    • Settlement Agents Supervisory Board.

    “I expect the inquiry to recommend legislative or administrative changes considered necessary or desirable to improve the administration and enforcement of legislation,” Mr Shave said.

    Under its terms of reference the inquiry must refer allegations of criminal behaviour to appropriate investigative or prosecuting authorities.

    “The inquiry will consider and recommend a mechanism for the future reporting of alleged wrongdoings to the appropriate authorities for investigation and to the public in a timely manner,” Mr Shave said.

    The inquiry must report to the Minister no later than September 1.

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