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Kevin Prince


    Carmel School student Neil Rabinowitz wins 1999 Beazley Medal

    7/01/2000 10:03 AM

    The 1999 Beazley Medal, awarded to the student who achieved the highest Curriculum Council Award Score in last year’s Tertiary Entrance Examinations, has been won by Neil Rabinowitz from Carmel School in Dianella.

    Acting Education Minister Kevin Prince said today that Neil won the Beazley Medal with a Curriculum Council Award Score of 97.21, the highest combined scores in both the humanities and maths/science TEE study list areas.

    The Curriculum Council Award Score is based on a student’s performance in five TEE subjects with at least two subjects from each of the humanities and maths/science TEE study list areas.

    It is different from the Tertiary Entrance Rank, which is based on four TEE subjects with at least one subject from each of the two study lists.

    “Neil achieved an impressive 100 as his scaled mark in applicable mathematics, calculus and English literature, and will be receiving a certificate of distinction in these subjects as well as in economics,” Mr Prince said.

    Three other students from the non-Government Carmel School will receive general exhibition awards, recognising them as one of the 40 highest achieving students in the State.

    Mr Prince said that also performing extremely well were Christ Church Grammar School students David Knezevic, Simon Zilko and David Solomon, who finished second, third and fourth respectively behind Neil, with Curriculum Council Award scores of 95.66, 95.54 and 94.91.

    Six Christ Church Grammar School students will also be among the 40 students who will receive general exhibition awards.

    Other schools with more than one general exhibition winner were John XXIII College (four), Presbyterian Ladies’ College (four), Perth College (three), Hale School (three); St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls (three), Corpus Christi College (two) and Scotch College (two).

    Presbyterian Ladies’ College student Susannah Macknay was the highest placed female student and seventh overall with a score of 94.87.

    Susannah will receive a subject exhibition award for the highest mark in an exam in economics, political and legal studies, and English literature.

    She also will receive a Certificate of Distinction for accounting, economics, history, political and legal studies, and discrete mathematics.

    Mr Prince said that although more boys than girls (24 to 16) were awarded general exhibitions, female students picked up 22 out of the 30 subject exhibition awards and 14 out of the 17 wholly school-assessed subject exhibition awards.

    Of students studying in country schools, Katherine Smith of Albany Senior High School, was the highest achieving student, placed 11th overall and gaining the subject exhibition award in French.

    Drama Studies was also a first time TEE subject last year, with Scotch College student James McNamara achieving the subject exhibition award. Drama Studies, which comprises practical and written examinations, is the first outcomes-based subject to be examined externally.

    Mr Prince said it was very pleasing that the number of awards in subject areas which are assessed solely at the school level grew in number from six in 1998 to 17 in 1999.

    “It is vitally important that students who choose to focus their energies on vocational education and training programs and other wholly school-assessed programs are given the recognition they deserve,” he said.

    “Many of these students have also been recognised through the Certificate of Excellence award, which has been given to 595 students who have performed consistently well at school over the past two years.

    “For example, Craig Smith, of Denmark Agricultural College, obviously worked hard to achieve straight As throughout his year 11 and 12 program and consequently, has been awarded the subject exhibition for Small Business Management and Enterprise and a Certificate of Excellence.”

    Mr Prince congratulated all of the students who gained awards and wished them well for their future studies and careers.

    All awards and exhibitions will be presented at the Curriculum Council Award Ceremony at Curtin University of Technology on Tuesday, February 15 2000.

    Beazley Award winner contact details:
    Beazley Award Winner, Neil Rabinowitz, is on holiday in Sydney. He can be contacted today (Friday) on 0403 125 203 between 10am and 11am Perth time.

    Media contacts: Justine Whittome, (08) 9222 9699
    Jenny Morup, Curriculum Council of WA, (08) 9273 6300 or 0419 919 277


    Beazley Medal
    Neil Rabinowitz, Carmel School

    General exhibitions (40)
    Students must have sat for five TEE subjects with at least two subjects from each of the humanities and maths/science TEE study list areas:

    Neil Rabinowitz, Carmel School
    David Knezevic, Christ Church Grammar School
    Simon Zilko, Christ Church Grammar School
    David Soloman, Christ Church Grammar School
    David Korman, Carmel School
    Andrew MacKinlay, Scotch College
    *Susannah Macknay, Presbyterian Ladies’ College
    Sarah Khouri, Presbyterian Ladies’ College
    Charlotte McKnight, Perth College
    Paul Ricciardo, John XXIII College
    ** Katherine Smith, Albany Senior High School
    Clarissa Nah, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
    Carlo Bellini, Trinity College
    Ranga Muhandiramge, Hollywood Senior High School
    Alison Fowler, Carine Senior High School
    Lauren Goldblatt, Carmel School
    James Wang, Wesley College
    Imogen Saunders, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
    Daniel Stacey, John XXIII College
    Neil Andrews, Hale School
    Kathryn Holt, Presbyterian Ladies’ College
    Andrew Lodder, Hale School
    Mark Van Proctor, Carmel School
    Julian Gray, Hale School
    Alycea Foo, John XXIII College
    Francesca Casella, Perth College
    Endriko Winata, All Saints’ College
    Kevin Kwan, Corpus Christi College
    Anya Hotinski, Perth College
    Travers McLeod, Corpus Christi College
    Michael Collin, Christ Church Grammar School
    Anthony Lepere, Guildford Grammar School
    Lucy Shea, Presbyterian Ladies’ College
    Kymberley Greenwood, John XXIII College
    Paul Tilbrook, Christ Church Grammar School
    Megan Rose, Penrhos College
    Paul Byrne, Chisholm Catholic College
    Mathew James, Scotch College
    Poe-Wie Chen, Christ Church Grammar School
    Jessica Sweeney, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls

    * highest-ranking female
    ** highest-ranking student at a country school; also highest-ranking
    non-metropolitan student studying at any school

    Subject exhibitions
    Tertiary Entrance Score subjects (highest raw examination mark) - 29 subjects, 30 awards

    EnglishKatharine Emery, John XXIII College
    English LiteratureSusannah Macknay, Presbyterian Ladies’ College
    FrenchKatherine Smith, Albany Senior High School
    GermanLucy Shea, Presbyterian Ladies’ College
    Indonesian: Second LanguageEmma Wilson, St Stephen’s School
    ItalianIlaria Colli, Aquinas College
    Japanese: Second LanguageTakashi Fujita, Hollywood Senior High School
    English as a Second LanguageJane Leong, Canning College
    Chinese: AdvancedCindy Tan, Rossmoyne Senior High School
    Indonesian: AdvancedErna Witanty, Presbyterian Ladies’ College
    AccountingLynette Ladhams, Frederick Irwin Anglican School
    Information SystemsJoel Kelley, Churchlands Senior High School
    Ancient HistoryKate Newell, Churchlands Senior High School
    Economics Susannah Macknay, Presbyterian Ladies’ College
    GeographyMegan Rose, Penrhos College
    HistoryJacqueline Warrick, Perth College
    Political and Legal StudiesSusannah Macknay,Presbyterian Ladies’ College
    BiologyJade Moseley, North Albany Senior High School
    ChemistryCharlotte Mcknight, Perth College
    GeologyEmma Grinter, Woodvale Senior High School
    Human BiologyEva Muir, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
    Physical ScienceMichael Struthers, Cyril Jackson Senior Campus
    PhysicsPoe-Wie Chen, Christ Church Grammar School
    Discrete Mathematics (two winners)Belinda Gibbs, Mater Dei College
    Derek Rijnhart, Aquinas College
    Applicable MathematicsJessica Sweeney, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
    CalculusRussel Anderson, Greenwood Senior High School
    ArtErin Jackson, St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School
    MusicClarissa Nah, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
    Drama StudiesJames McNamara, Scotch College

    Special subject awards
    Indonesian: AdvancedIrene Mulyadi
    Malay: AdvancedYeong Lee

    Wholly school-assessed subjects – 17 subjects, 17 awards
    Art and DesignRebecca Newman, Hollywood Senior High School
    Beliefs and ValuesCarita Kazakoff, St Brigid’s College
    Business Information TechnologyRenay Lambert, St Brigid’s College
    Early Childhood StudiesCandice Boswell, Santa Maria College
    Food Production Rebekah Haabjoern, North Lake Campus
    Home Economics: Independent LivingFiona Baird, Carine Senior High School
    Interactive MediaKathryn Elliot, Presbyterian Ladies’ College
    LawMeredith Hickman, Hollywood Senior High School
    Media StudiesClaire Glendinning, Presbyterian Ladies’ College
    Modelling with MathematicsKarin Wolski, Perth Modern Senior High School
    Reception and Customer ServiceKrittin Young, Kent Street Senior High School
    Senior EnglishSophie Clabburn, Iona Presentation College
    Senior ScienceLarissa Kowalczuk, Methodist Ladies’ College
    Small Business Management and EnterpriseCraig Smith, Denmark Agricultural College
    SWL Food and HospitalityElizabeth Perry, Presbyterian Ladies’ College
    Technical GraphicsHau Le, Mt Lawley Senior High School
    Work Studies Matthew Charlton, Aquinas College

    Gender breakdown
    40 general exhibitions: 24 male and 16 female award winners.
    Subject exhibitions: 29 TEE subjects (30 awards): 8 male and 22 female award winners; 17 wholly school-assessed subjects: 3 male and 14 female award winners.
    Top 1000 students: 490 male and 510 female students (1998: 475 males/525 females)

    Certificates of Distinction
    345 Certificates of Distinction were awarded to eligible students in the top 0.5 per cent of candidates sitting the examination or the top two candidates (whichever was the greater) in a Tertiary Entrance Score subject and in year 12 wholly school-assessed subjects with an enrolment greater than 100.

    Certificates of Excellence
    595 Certificates of Excellence were awarded to students who achieved at least 10 ‘A’ grades in their year 11 and 12 school studies.