Rhonda Parker

Rhonda Parker


    Labor's policy shows ALP cannot be trusted with development of anti-drug strategy

    1/12/1999 6:00 AM

    The Minister responsible for WA Drug Abuse Strategy, Rhonda Parker, says that Labor’s drug policy back-flips are clear evidence that the ALP cannot be trusted with the development of a reliable and effective strategy against drug abuse.

    “While the State Government has a clear strategic vision for Western Australia’s response to the problem of drug abuse, the Opposition is divided and inconsistent on this important community issue,” Mrs Parker said.

    “Building on the Premier’s Taskforce on Drug Abuse in 1995, the Government has released two comprehensive across Government strategies against drug abuse - one in 1997 and the second two weeks ago.

    “The Opposition’s criticism of the State Government’s approach to drug abuse strategy centred around three radical proposals - the legalisation of cannabis, the establishment of heroin injecting rooms and the introduction of heroin trials.

    “After the Labor Party State conference unanimously endorsed these policies only six months ago, it now seems that the ALP will not take any of these proposals to the next election.

    “The Government has always taken the view that Labor’s radical proposals were not in the best interests of WA.

    “We have said all along that Labor’s proposals were not the solution, but that they would worsen the drug problem in WA.

    “While we have been subject to consistent Opposition criticism for our policy position, it now appears that the Labor Party has come around and recognises that the Government’s comprehensive approach to drug policy is on the right track.”

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