Rhonda Parker

Rhonda Parker


    Yorganop Child Care Aboriginal Corporation wins industry award.

    24/11/1999 10:49 AM

    Yorganop Child Care Aboriginal Corporation last night won the 1999 Community Services Industry Award, in the Valuing Cultural Diversity category.

    The Perth-based corporation, and winners of eight other categories, received their awards from Family and Children’s Services Minister Rhonda Parker at a gala presentation dinner at Rendezvous Observation City Hotel.

    “Yorganop is an outstanding example of how an agency has identified a need, recognised the issues associated with placing Aboriginal children in foster care, and has set about to meet those needs in a culturally sensitive and appropriate way,” Mrs Parker said.

    “The agency has provided services and training programs which reflect alternative ways of doing things, the benefits of which have resulted in a greater spirit of respect and reconciliation between community agencies.”

    As well as providing an Aboriginal foster care child placement service, Yorganop has also been responsible for the delivery of culturally appropriate training to Aboriginal carers.

    In announcing the nine winners of the 1999 Community Services Industry Awards, Mrs Parker paid tribute to the people who devoted their working lives and energies to improving the lives of all Western Australians.

    “WA has a history as a community of people helping other people and the Community Services Industry Awards are a tangible commitment by this Government to recognising this important work,” she said.

    “Services to the community come in many different forms. In each city, in each town, in each community, services are set up and supported through the dedication of individuals, groups, organisations and businesses.

    “In the five years that the awards have been presented we have seen services adapt and change, new services become established and innovative practices set up.

    “The hallmark of a community is our ability to care for and support each other.”

    The Minister said the awards had once again highlighted the wide range of services which are in place throughout WA.

    The winners in each category were:

    Category 1 Focus on innovation
    Centrecare Marriage and Family Service.

    Category 2 Community support and development
    Goldfields Suicide Prevention Group.

    Category 3 Valuing cultural diversity
    Yorganop Child Care Aboriginal Corporation (Child Placement Service).

    Category 4 Industry support and development
    Financial Counsellors’ Association of Western Australia (Inc).

    Category 5 Support of remote and rural communities
    Relationships Australia’s Build Better Country Relationships Project.

    Category 6 Management and leadership
    Avon Youth Services Inc.

    Category 7 Family friendly work practices
    Department of Land Administration.

    Category 8 Corporate commitment to the community

    Category 9 Outstanding service by an individual
    Marlene Jackamarra

    Mrs Parker said the winners had come from a variety of organisations, ranging from large agencies working across the state to local services supporting and meeting local needs.

    The Minister also thanked the sponsors of the 1999 Community Services Industry Awards Radio 882 6PR, The West Australian newspaper, The Lotteries Commission, Rendezvous Observation City Hotel, WIN Television, Australia Post, Ansett Australia, Staging Connections, SGIO Insurance Limited, StateWest Credit Society and Houghton Wine Company.

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